Find Quality and Savings in Our Used Vehicle Inventory in Whitesboro

Shopping for a vehicle can be a fun and exciting experience, but not all of us are in the market for something brand new. For those who love to shop pre-owned, we have a great selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs to choose from. Visit Holiday Ford in Whitesboro and discover all the benefits of buying a used vehicle.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Vehicle Near Dallas-Fort Worth

The benefits of buying used extend beyond just the vehicle itself. In fact, used vehicles provide plenty of value. They've already had their biggest value drop, so they'll depreciate at a much slower rate. Used vehicles also tend to be more affordable for Gainesville shoppers, not only because of the lower purchase price, but also because of generally lower registration costs and insurance premiums.

The other benefit is the variety. If you're not sure what type of vehicle you want, the plethora of different vehicles in our used truck, SUV, and car inventory in the Sherman area gives you plenty of options to explore. Of course, we have a wide selection of used Ford vehicles. From the power of the legendary used Ford F-150 to the muscle of a used Ford Mustang, and every spacious used Ford SUV in between, we've got it. We also have a number of other popular brands, like used Chevy, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Audi vehicles.

The Ford Blue Advantage Certified Program

Looking for extra peace of mind in your used vehicle shopping? Consider a Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle under the Ford Gold and Ford Blue Advantage program. Gold vehicles are less than 6 years old with under 80,000 miles, while Blue vehicles are less than 10 years old with under 120,000 miles. Both come with rigorous multi-point inspections and extra warranty coverage, and you'll enjoy perks like 24/7 Roadside Assistance and FordPass™ Rewards Points.

The time is right to explore our selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs near Pilot Point, and our Ford Blue Advantage Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. For extra savings, check out our regularly rotating used vehicle specials and our bargain used inventory. Then visit us for a test drive!